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    Want your stories to look like some social network? You can. But with your own colors? You can as well.

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    For each story created, we're creating an AMP version, using the framework created by Google - so your stories can boost your SEO scores.


    You're already creating stories content. Now, you can use them everywhere.

We're already creating a lot of stories for our Instagram account - making these creative takes time & work. Now we're finally able to share them outside Instagram and embed them on our website as well.

Marketing @ Fashion DTC brand

Telling our story with a visual format is important for us - but our audience does not always hang out on Instagram or Snapchat. We can now land clients and diversify our marketing efforts by creating stories that help us land new clients!

B2B Lead Gen Freelancer

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Frequently asked questions

What are stories?

A collection of images and videos that are showed in a full-screen experience to engage audiences and reach existing readers in a new and modern way.

Can I put my stories on my website?

That's the whole point, you're at the right place! Simply combine images and videos - and we're giving you the snippet you need to embed your stories anywhere.

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?

Nobody knows. Yes, we do like jokes here - but our software is no joke 😉

Can I track what's happenning on my stories?

Of course - we're giving you statistics (views, clics, impressions) right from the start - you can connect your Google Analytics ID and Facebook pixel for marketing purposes as well.

What kind of content can I use?

Images, GIFs and videos: we currently support jpg, png, gif and mp4 format. But we're happy to help if you need something else!

Why Superstory?

Because the building started with this song. And we couldn't get enough.

We're on 2024, and you're on Superstory by la hutte.

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